At Sol del Sur, we create beautiful, ethically sourced products that deliver.

We are committed to making your tanning and beauty experience effortless, affordable and enjoyable.
Our revolutionary Sunless Tanning Collection is packed full of features, delivering you incredible glowing results and a routine you won’t want to live without.
Our vitamin rich, bed sheet friendly, odourless formula is a winning solution in beautiful packaging, for you to enjoy as your new staple.

What sets us apart from the rest?

No More Stains

With our revolutionary formula, you can enjoy stain free bed sheets, clothing, or upholstery and confidently flaunt your tan without worrying about unsightly marks. 

Ethically Sourced

We offer vegan friendly, paraben free, sustainably sourced ingredients along with fully recyclable or reusable packaging. Our vitamin rich sunless tan includes natural and organic ingredients, with the important DHA ingredient (the one that makes you nice and brown) being 100% natural.
Odourless Perfection
Experience the beauty of fake tan without the typical strong odour. Our formula is completely odourless, ensuring a pleasant tanning experience.

We welcome you to join us in our journey of making your glowing skin dreams come true one product at a time.