We welcome any questions about our products. Please contact us should you have any questions.

How long does the Express Tan take?
While the Express tan can be rinsed off within one hour, we recommend keeping it on longer. One hour will give you a golden glow. Two hours will give you a medium tan, three hours a dark tan, however if you keep it on all day or night, you will see the best results for an extra dark olive tan! 

Does it really not come off on your clothes or sheets?
Yes! It really doesn't come off. Even if you are wearing white or sleep in white sheets, the tan does not come off! Our formula is unique in that we wanted something everyone could rely on for last minute tanning and feel confident it won't come off while they are out. 
The only way it can come off slightly is with sweating, however even then it is minimal. 

Does your tan really not smell or have a fragrance?
That's right! We wanted our tans to be different to the others on the market and not have any fragrance. While sometimes the scent of coconut or other nice fragrances can be appealing in the beginning, we know as the tan is kept on, the smell can be unbearable after a few hours! If you are off to work, or out and about, no one wants it to be obvious they are tanning! We have all heard partners curse the dreaded fake tan smell too! With Sol del Sur, you won't have to worry about that! You can tan away with confidence.

What is the best way to apply fake tan?
For the best and longest lasting results, apply our Vitamin Rich Fake Tans onto exfoliated skin. Do not apply moisturiser before fake tanning either as moisturiser creates a barrier to the fake tan. Therefore if you apply your tan, it will look like it hasn't worked.
We recommend using our Luxury Tanning Mitt and pumping the mousse or lotion onto the mitt, then rubbing it onto your skin. This way it will save the palms of your hands from becoming brown. Our Luxury Tanning Mitt together with our Vitamin Rich Tanning products will ensure a streak free flawless tan with an even fade every time.
It is recommended to lightly cover hands (especially knuckes), elbows, ankles and feet with tan. A little tanning trick can be to apply a very light layer of moisturiser to those areas, so when the tanning mitt goes over them, the moisturiser will act as a barrier and not allow the tan to be as strong in those areas. 

How long does the fake tan last?
You will enjoy your golden glow for a good week and then it will start to fade. This is due to the skin. We recommend having our Vitamin Rich Gradual Tan Lotion as this is not only nourishing and hydrating for your skin, but it also acts as a tan extender. You can leave the lotion on as it acts as a normal body lotion - it just has the added benefit of gradually building up your tan. 

Which tan should I use if I am not used to fake tanning?
We recommend investing in the Vitamin Rich Gradual Self Tanning Lotion as a way to begin. One of the many benefits of this nourishing product is it gives you a very subtle tan on your first application. You can stay in control and build up your desired tan level by applying it daily until you are happy. 

Our Vitamin Rich Medium Dark Sunless Tan is otherwise ideal for fair skin where you are looking for a beautiful bronzed glow. Get ready for the compliments! This tan makes everyone instantly look radiant and extra beautiful. We think this one is also worth having if you are not looking for the Extra Dark tan but still want to look bronzed and radiant!

Can I wear these fake tans on my face?
Absolutely. For an enhanced glow, our Vitamin Rich Gradual Self Tanning Lotion is a great way to build your desired tan leven while moisturising the skin. 
You can also apply our Vitamin Rich Tanning Mousses to the face with our Luxury Tanning Mitt which will give more colour. We recommend to use a light amount and build up from there. Our tanning mousses are also hydrating and moisturising, so you can feel confident applying it to your face and body. 

Are Sol del Sur Vegan Friendly?
Yes all of our products are vegan friendly, cruelty free and not tested on animals. 

Does Sol del Sur use natural DHA? 
Absolutely. We only use 100% natural DHA. 

What is DHA?
DHA is the abbrieviated version for Dihydroxyacetone, which is what gives beauty and tanning products their bronzing effect. Synthetic versions can aid in the fake tan smelling bad and not be as good for your skin as natural DHA. Often cheaper prices fake tans will have the synthetic DHA. 

Is fake tan safe to use in the sun?
Fake tans do not contain SPF unless otherwise stated. You will need to apply your normal sunscreen on top of your fake to stay sun smart. 

Is fake tan safe to use when pregnant?
Our fake tan is safe to use while pregnant and breast feeding. We recommend avoiding the nipple area if you are breastfeeding. Our formulas also include natural and organic ingredients and have hydrating and nourishing benefits, making it the fake tan of choice not only for your everyday life, but also your life during pregnancy.